About Us 

Jekyll and Hyde Destructive Therapy is primarily an entertainment venue designed to provide an opportunity for everyone to release some pent-up anger or just a means of relieving some stress.

Come and smash office electronics, beat up a car, throw some bottles. Anything we can do to alleviate and help release some built-up frustration.

On a serious note, we also work closely with veteran PTSD organizations, Wounded Warrior entities, and local schools with children with behavioral and anger issues to provide a short-term therapeutic release.

We are the CSRA’s premiere smash / rage room and boast one of the best facilities. Currently, with different entertainment areas and plans for extended growth in the coming months, we currently have a car smash room, a bottle throwing alley, and an electronics smash room available for every kind of fun event.

Jekyll and Hyde Destructive Therapy was the brainchild of co-owners Darel Phillips and David Jones. Both former U.S. Army military disabled veterans, their mission is one of helping fellow PTSD sufferers like themselves with a means of anger and stress release through alternative means. Darel, a former Calvary Scout, and David, a former Combat Medic, through their army career, experienced personally and collectively with PTSD and saw fellow veterans struggle with the symptoms and the means of coping with this illness.

“Plus, it’s great fun to smash things up every now and again,” Jones added.

Jekyll and Hyde Destructive Therapy is now open at
102 Holley Hill Dr,
North Augusta, SC 29841.

Walk-ins are welcome but appointments will be given priority.
Payments are accepted online and in-person by credit/debit card only, no cash payments will be accepted.

Finally, Phillips added – “We hope to establish within the CSRA a venue for all family and friends alike, in that, come on down, have fun, be and enjoy yourselves, however, do it safely and within the guidelines of the venue.”

Plans to add a boxing room, neon paint throwing room, plate smashing room plus others are well underway. Jekyll and Hyde Destructive Therapy also boasts an impressive snack bar area, pre-event briefing room, merchandise sales area, and a TV viewing area where everyone can see everything that’s going on while enjoying a great snack or cup of coffee.

We cater to all adults and children over the age of 10, however, anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. This is intended as a fun event location and any instances of abuse, inappropriate behavior, or anyone under influence or appearing to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will immediately be removed from the property.

We are ideal for birthday parties, company team building, or private events anyone wanting to come and smash some things up without worrying about the clean-up and legal ramifications is welcome.

“This facility is designed to provide the least a modicum of release,” stated Phillips, “however, the real mission is to find additional resources and support systems to help our colleagues.”

Meanwhile, Jones has an additional reason to try and establish the facility as a therapeutic avenue, “My son is on the autism spectrum and I see the frustration sometimes that children on the spectrum suffer, we hope in addition to our military background, we can provide an avenue to help these children with developmental and emotional needs and provide a way of at least releasing their inner aggression and emotive tendencies.”

“Heed the Jekyll!”